Data centers asset bundling – An emerging model

Fueled by the increasing importance of big data and the emergence of complex software and storage needs, data centers are becoming both more expensive to operate, and of growing significance to the enterprise. As a result, companies of all stripes are seeking ways to ensure the speed, flexibility, and interoperability of their data center assets. The[…]


The Rise of Contextual Commerce

The rise of contextual commerce – using data from devices, apps, and websites to provide customers with the ability to make purchases and payments wherever they happen to be online – is all about the confluence of evolving technologies, markets, and consumer trends. As mobile, social media, advertising, and online payment technologies have grown and[…]


The explosion of mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is exploding, driving a flurry of innovations in mobile payments processing. Driven by new global markets, rapid consumer adoption of tablets and smartphones, and significant evolutions in secure mobile payments, mobile commerce now accounts for 7 percent of all e-commerce sales, roughly a 7x increase since 2010. That will rise to more than[…]


Stephan Schultz – Ad mediation for publishers

Stephan Schultz is an award-winning, 22-year-old app developer who lives and attends school in Potsdam, Germany. His productivity apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry have been downloaded more than 5 million times. VentureBeat caught up with Stephan to ask about his challenges monetizing ads in his apps, the solutions he likes to work with, and[…]


Sales management and descriptive analytics – Key questions to ask

There is no deficit in the amount of data available to sales management. There is, unfortunately, sometimes a deficit of insight into that data. The reasons for this inconvenient truth are multiple: Sales managers are really busy and data-based sales management can take a lot of time. Even if the time and the will are[…]