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Hidden Costs of Defective Fareboxes in Public Transit

Some of the costs associated with defective fareboxes in public transit are obvious – if you can’t take bills or coins because the acceptor is jammed, then your bus may have to operate for free. Others are part of a domino effect: replacement parts and unforeseen labor expenses can impact operating budgets. More difficult to[…]

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3 North American Transit Agencies Reveal the Costs and Benefits of Upgrading On-Board Hardware

Efficient replacement of on-board equipment is one of the biggest cost multipliers for maintaining your Intelligent Transit System (ITS). Maintaining a healthy upgrade plan for your in-vehicle hardware ensures that the latest in enhanced functionality and features are accessible to both your agency and your ridership. An individual agency’s approach to capital planning, availability of[…]

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5 Benefits of Contactless Smart Cards Over Magnetics

For the purposes of fare payment in public transit, contactless smart cards are a clearly superior technology to magnetic stripe cards. As far back as 2008, the US Federal Transit Administration, via the Transit Cooperative Research Program, had identified the advantages of contactless systems over all other forms of payment, with smart cards out-performing magnetics[…]

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How Smartphones are changing Public Transit Technology

Smartphones as we think of them today – a hand held device that combines telephony and computing – were first imagined by Nikola Tesla in 1907, though it took until 1992 for the earliest versions to show-up and later evolve through Personal Digital Assistants (remember the Palm Pilot?) and a range of data Symbian-powered devices.[…]

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The Rise of Intelligent Transit

The common denominator behind good public transit is the agency’s ability to use all the tools at their disposal – hardware, software, data, great people with lots of experience and intuition – to constantly improve service delivery and passenger experience. Certainly, the demands of modern passengers for easy access to information and services pushes all[…]