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Edmonton’s 2008 sustainability report card

Ask 10 different sources and you’ll probably get 10 different answers, but most experts agree that a city’s sustainability has to do with its economic viability, commitment to environmental friendliness, and ability to provide its population with a great place to work, live and play, well into the future. Based on information gathered from Statistics[…]

Interactive TV-watching has advertisers sitting up

While NanoGaming may conjure images of microscopic robots battling it out on a miniature playing field, what it really means for some advertisers and broadcasters is much bigger. According to consumer research firm Park Associates, 70 per cent of people under the age of 34 surf the Internet while watching TV. And when there’s a[…]

Tech Talk Unplugged from Metabridge.ca

I Just got back from tech talk unplugged — a good little start-up primer and kickoff for the metabridge.ca2010 event in Kelowna, B.C. There were about 70 folks in attendance for the presentations that were given in the student theatre of the beautiful UBC-Okanagan campus. Tim Bajarin, president of Silicon Valley-based Creative Strategies and a[…]

TV Everywhere is everywhere at CommTech

You didn’t have to look far to find TV Everywhere references at the Kelowna stop of the Canadian CommTech Show. No less than seven of the Day 1 break-out sessions were themed around the challenges of TV Everywhere in one way or another. Engineers from EXFO geeked it up on the subject of IPTV services[…]

The Okanagan Valley – A Tech Commercialization Primer

Major Players The Okanagan Science and Technology Council (OSTEC) is the region’s lead not-for-profit tech boster. According to OSTEC’s most recent financial statements, that organization spent a little less than $500,000 last year – up about a third from 2007 – with 40% of that going direct to marketing and promotions. OSTEC likes to talk-up[…]