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In Influencer Marketing UGC and Context are Key

Those who follow digital marketing and branding have been inundated with buzz and Calls To Action around social influencer marketing lately, and it’s for good reason — Influencers and social media are changing the way we share, buy, sell and review products and services. So, where brands used to rely on loyalty and market share to turn[…]


The Rise of Contextual Commerce

The rise of contextual commerce – using data from devices, apps, and websites to provide customers with the ability to make purchases and payments wherever they happen to be online – is all about the confluence of evolving technologies, markets, and consumer trends. As mobile, social media, advertising, and online payment technologies have grown and[…]

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In 2016 mobile brand engagement is going to soar

As 2015 ends, mobile commerce is still in its infancy. True, it’s experienced incredible growth, but that growth is just the beginning. Mobile commerce’s share of the total ecommerce pie was about 22% in 2015, according to Statista, and that’s expected to grow to 28% or more in a few years. But the truth is, mobile[…]


What merchants need to know about contextual commerce

For 15 years, ecommerce provided a good framework for how merchants could accept and securely process customer payments. But the advent of new technologies — notably mobile, apps, and social media — have changed the way consumers discover and want to pay for goods and services. Most recently, merchants looking to offer customers leading-edge payment[…]


Mobile ads: When there’s blood in the streets buy screen real estate

I write Op-Ed pieces for technology executives. No surprise one of the hot topics lately has been mobile ad blocking. In case you have a short attention span, I’ll sum things up for you: keep your head about you, admit what you don’t know (and aren’t capable of knowing), pull some triggers you might be a[…]