B2B Marketing on LinkedIn – Money for nothing, clicks for free

I want my, I want my ROI . . . – INSERT WICKED GUITAR SOLO HERE – If your digital marketing is in dire straits, here’s a quick tutorial on how to cheaply leverage LinkedIn for some high-value marketing leads. That ain’t workin, that’s the way you do it. Let me tell you, them guys ain’t dumb. LinkedIn[…]

Startup 101 – The fine art of brand-humping

Some of your best chances to drive awareness in the early days of your startup will come from leveraging the more-established brands of your partners, clients and suppliers. When these opportunities present themselves, you need to latch onto the legs of those bigger brands and hump ’em like a horny puppy all the way to[…]

Startup 101 – How to get a VC into bed

Don’t be fooled by their playing hard to get, venture capitalists want you badly. Why else would they show up everywhere you pitch, strutting around in their fancy outfits, trying to learn every little thing about you? Yep, VCs want it bad, and you’re just the one to give it to them. But first, you[…]

Startup 101 – Learn to love the beatings

As we work through week four of the inaugural Google NEXT program in Calgary, the pressure for our 20+ founders to perform is ratcheting-up, and with that can come some uncomfortable moments in the spotlight. For those of us who have some experience of pitching and presenting, facing the scrutiny of a room full of strangers[…]