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How Smartphones are changing Public Transit Technology

Smartphones as we think of them today – a hand held device that combines telephony and computing – were first imagined by Nikola Tesla in 1907, though it took until 1992 for the earliest versions to show-up and later evolve through Personal Digital Assistants (remember the Palm Pilot?) and a range of data Symbian-powered devices.[…]

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The Rise of Intelligent Transit

The common denominator behind good public transit is the agency’s ability to use all the tools at their disposal – hardware, software, data, great people with lots of experience and intuition – to constantly improve service delivery and passenger experience. Certainly, the demands of modern passengers for easy access to information and services pushes all[…]

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Don’t change mobile apps behaviors, service them

Much of the mobile apps user’s organic behavior is based on using simple tools to accomplish daily tasks. It’s usually nothing too glamorous, just lots of utility and practical solutions for everyday life. It is not surprising that those mobile apps that are among the most popular and successful do a good job of servicing[…]

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The Future of Business Intelligence in Public Transit Operations

It is an inconvenient truth that public transit agencies lag behind the business intelligence (BI) learning curve of other industries. But that’s changing. Real-time predictive analytics, and eventually prescriptive tools and methods for automating transit operations will become standard in paratransit, rail, buses, operations, EAM, passenger experience — whatever. To understand the challenges of attaining[…]

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Use tiny data to delight the mobile native

A lot of the data marketers use for targeting comes from demographic information such as age, race, gender and marital status. It’s pretty static and not very valuable to advertisers trying to surprise and engage with specific individuals. To really tune in, it is necessary to uncover another layer of information that reveals the little[…]